Youth Opportunity Program

The Quileute Youth Opportunity Program (YOP) provides tribal youth between the ages of 14-18 with opportunities for meaningful and engaged work experience, skill development, and exposure to various workplace environments to prepare and cultivate youth for successful futures and careers. YOP operates as a seasonal summer employment program partnering with local businesses and tribal departments to offer youth work experience. Youth will have the opportunity to work at one of our partner organizations for a 6 week period.

At program completion, youth will have demonstrated their ability to:

  • Complete a job application, including resume and cover letter
  • Conduct a job interview
  • Adhere to appropriate work place behavior and ethic
  • Meet the expectations and objectives as outlined in the weekly performance reports
  • Successfully complete the YOP season


  • Tribal youth (preference given to Quileute enrolled youth)
  • Ages 14-18 ( must be between the ages of 14-18 by June 2019)
  • On track to graduate high school or enrolled in summer school (written documentation from school required with application)

Application Process

  • Youth will be required to attend the mandatory STATS Camp.
  • During STATS  youth will complete the necessary components (application, resume, cover letter) to submit a YOP Job Application.
  • A committee will review YOP applications and select youth to conduct job interviews.
  • Pending committee review of job applications and interviews, youth will be notified if they have been hired for a YOP position.

STATS Camp: Strategies To Achieve Tomorrow’s Success (STATS) was implemented into the program in 2014 to provide youth with training to develop transferable job and life skills. STATS lessons include basic workplace conduct and ethics, problem solving and communication skills, goal setting, budgeting, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing. Youth who complete STATS Camp will receive a gift card for completing even if they do not get hired for a YOP position.

Please note: Attending STATS Camp and completing a job application DOES NOT guarantee youth will be offered a YOP position. However, completion of STATS Camp, as well as, a complete job application with all of the necessary documents, is required to APPLY.

Annie Crippen
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TANF Coordinator
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