The Quileute Teen Center is grant funded through the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) with additional support from the Quileute Tribal Council and the Quileute TANF Program. The Teen Center provides out-of-school programming for youth ages 12-17 (18 while in high school).



Must be between ages 12-17 (18 while in high school). 

Must have a completed program packet on file at the Teen Center. Download a copy of the packet here or pick up a copy at the Teen Center.

Program Packets allow program staff to have emergency contact and medical information on file. In addition, the packet contains program rules and guidelines youth must follow to participate in Teen Center activities.

Program packets must be completed, signed, and on file before youth are allowed to participate. 


Weekly Activities:

  • Monday dinner and cooking class where youth learn and help make simple meals.
  • Tuesday study hall/homework club where youth can get help and support with school work while earning incentive points.
  • Wednesday Teen Talks (as scheduled) where youth can learn about and discuss important life skills and topics such as healthy relationships, mental health and suicide prevention, sex education and pregnancy prevention, academic success and goal setting, and social-emotional skills including social awareness, self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making.
  • Thursday developmental asset activities.
  • Friday movie nights/game nights alternating every other week.
  • Weekly crafts, games, sports and recreational activities.

Incentive Program:

Youth may earn gift cards, trips, and points through various means that include reporting school grades and attendance and participating in Youth Program activities hosted at the Teen Center. The goal is to encourage youth to do well in school and participate in activities that support positive youth development and healthy lifestyles. Youth must have a completed Youth Program Application Packet to participate.

School Incentives

Incentives related to school performance are awarded on a quarterly schedule. Youth are responsible for bringing a copy of their quarterly report card to the Teen Center at the indicated deadline: Quarter 1 is due Nov. 13, Quarter 2 due Feb. 7, Quarter 3 due April 14, and Quarter 4 due June 22.

Grades:                                Attendance:
4.0 = $30 gift card                       100% = $40 gift card
3.0 = $20 gift card                        80% = $20 gift card
2.0 = $15 gift card

In addition, four college trips are planned during the year. For those held during school, students must have forms completed with their teachers and satisfactorily meet requirements for grades, attendance, and behavior.

Participation Points/Incentives

Points are awarded for participating in Youth Program activities as follows:

  • 1 point for attending the Teen Center
  • 2 points for participating in each Teen Center scheduled activity
  • 5 points for attending 1 hour of weekly Study Hall*
    • Attend 3 Study Halls and earn special beverage and snack
    • Attend 5 Study Halls and earn $10 gift card
    • Attend 10 Study Halls and earn $25 gift card
  • 5 points for attending Teen Talks
    • Attend 5 Teen Talk groups and earn a $25 gift card
  •  Youth who earn 100 points between September through December will be eligible to attend a special incentive trip in December, while youth who earn 100 points between Jan. through June will be eligible to attend a special incentive trip in June.