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LIHEAP – Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program provides energy assistance and weatherization for income eligible households.


The Quileute TANF Program provides cash assistance and other support services to Native families (meaning a pregnant woman or an adult with at least one child) who meet income eligibility. The goal of TANF is to help families find employment, obtain education and provide for their children. TANF clients are required to participate and report on work activities. These activities can range from looking for a job, going to school, working part or full time, volunteering, attending counseling, doctor’s appointments, school activities, etc. TANF can also help by serving children who have been placed in another household by the courts. These are called child-only cases.

When TANF clients, or other families, are going through a rough time (laid-off, hours cut back, emergencies) they can also apply for support services such as help with rent, electric, water, car repairs, gas, clothing for work, food and basic necessities. TANF can help any Native family through a rough time, as long as they can provide proof of income and proof of enrollment along with the application and explanation of the hardship. TANF can also help parents apply for child support or review past child support debt with the State of Washington. TANF works closely with other community service agencies in the area to make sure that clients get what they need. ANYONE can apply for TANF services.

We also have a TANF store where TANF clients and TANF eligible clients can pick up items for no cost for their home.


The senior center is an important entity of the Quileute tribe. Our program caters to the need of our elders (age 55+) and seniors (age 50-55). We provide healthy and nutritional meals for all seniors. We prepare meals with consideration for diabetic needs and other nutritional concerns (food allergies). We are a Title VI program with the intent to provide services to our seniors to help make their lives easier and without worries. We want to maintain a good quality of life for all our Quileute and other tribal seniors.


Our Commodities Program provides food assistance to eligible Quileute and enrolled Tribal members on the reservation and in the usual and accustomed areas. Food is delivered or picked up weekly.

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry is a walk in service for community members that meet eligibility requirements. We offer a variety of fresh, canned, and boxed goods for people to choose from weekly.


General Assistance provides income eligible individuals with financial assistance and services to obtain self-sufficiency


Our Prevention Program offers multiple types of services to the community. The program ran Zunni Life Skills and Relationship Life Skills classes in the schools in the area. Quileute Tribal School is hoping to start Healing of the Canoe, and Prevention is excited to partner with this opportunity. Prevention also is involved in numerous coalitions in the area that work to try and prevent/reduce substance use. These include Forks Coalition, Clallam County West End REAL Program, Clallam County Resiliency Initiative, Quileute Tribal School Sources of Strength, United Way of Clallam County, Healthy Families of Clallam County, Sarge’s Place Homeless & Task Force, 4-H and Youth Empowerment, Washington State University College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resources Sciences, Rural Network Coalition, Prevention Plus Wellness, Quillayute Valley School District Elementary School Puddle Jumpers, YYA Partnership in Ending Youth Homelessness, Mariposa House Board, and other local groups. Prevention also participated in the Recovery Camp Out hosted by QHC, and Canoe Journeys. Prevention ran beading events at Seniors and harvesting events throughout the year.

Prevention also provides information on substance use and mental health conditions, and information on service providers that can assist. Prevention provided many support services to people in services including food, gas, clothing, and hotel support if needed. Starting in 2024, Prevention is moving to a case plan focus with the goal of helping participants exit services and be self sufficient.


Kinship will assist caregivers to make connections with programs and services that may be of use to the children in their care of family. Provides some assistance with needs of children in care of relatives, based on availability.

Food Assistance/EBT

Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services’ Customer Service Division comes out the first 3 Tuesdays of the month 10am-2pm to provide support to sign up for services

Child Support

Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services’ Child Support Division comes out once a month to provide support for services.


Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services’ Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities Administration comes out once a month to provide support for services.

Coming soon!


Click here to download the YOP pre-empolyment flyer.


Human Services is in the process of starting to administer Food Stamps/EBT Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. We are hoping to have this starting the beginning of 2025!

Health Homes

Human Services is working to offer Health Homes services through our Seniors Center. Stay tuned for updates!

Youth Programming

TANF is working on rebuilding our Youth Programming. We will start having events after YOP 2024!

Our Staff

Brittany Hutton

Human Services Director

Rhonda Crowl


Quileute TANF

Michele Pullen

TANF Program Manager

Stephanie Calderon

TANF & Special Programs Coordinator

TANF Case Manager

Prevention Program

Ann Penn-Charles

Senior Center

Clifford Hoekstra

Seniors Program Manager / Head Cook

Nicole Rosander

Senior Assistant / Assistant Cook

Kinship Program

Food Program

Anna Sablan

Food Program Manager

Violet Williams

Warehouse Assistant