Community Events

The Healing Circle/Drum Group – Occurs every Wednesday night beginning at 6PM at the Akalat.

For other community events, check out the Events Calendar!

Questions about upcoming events? Contact our Events Coordinator:

Leticia Jaime
(360) 374-5091

Public Notice / Announcements

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Talking Raven Newsletter

The Talking Raven is not available at this time as we look for a new Editor. If you enjoy writing, photography, conversing with others, and sharing community news consider joining out team. You can view the job description HERE.

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Bayak: The Talking Raven is a monthly newsletter and is printed at the beginning of every month. The deadline for all submissions to be considered for print in Bayak: The Talking Raven is the 3rd Friday of every month. To read the current issue, come visit our new website:

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Tribal Services / Assistance

The Quileute Tribe offers a variety of services and assistance to its Tribal Members outside of formal departments and program operations. Please see a list of additional services/assistance offered to Tribal members below. Each has separate policies and procedures, including eligibility requirements and application forms.

For questions and assistance regarding the following policies please contact:

Terra Sheriff-Penn
Executive Secretary
(360) 374-7413

For Emergency Medical Assistance please contact:

Travel Coordinator

Emergency Medical Assistance Policy