PRC Eligibility

To be eligible for PRC you must be:

    • Enrolled Quileute and:
      • Live within the Quileute PRC Service Area as described below, or
      • Be a full time post-secondary school student (qualifies for EXTENSION of services, not initiation).
    • or
      • A member of a different Federally Recognized Tribe currently living on the Quileute Reservation.



    1. The QHC Purchased Referred Specialist can be reached at (360) 374-3200 for questions.
    2. The PRC Delivery Area consists of Clallam County and Jefferson county.
    3. For Quileute Tribal Members:
      1. Quileute PRC eligibility expires 180 days after a Quileute Tribal Member moves out of the Quileute PRC Delivery Area (except for extension for full time students of post-secondary school programs).
      2. If currently inactive, Quileute PRC eligibility resumes 180 days after a Quileute Tribal Member moves back into the Quileute PRC Delivery Area.
    4. For Tribal Members of other Federally Recognized Tribes:
      1. Quileute CHS eligibility terminates immediately when a non-Quileute individual moves off the Quileute reservation and will not resume until after the individual has returned to live on the Quileute Reservation for one continuous year.
    5. All Tribal Members that are PRC eligible MUST:
      1. Apply for Alternate Resources such as Medicaid, Medicare, or Private Insurance.
        1. This can be done with the assistance of the Quileute Benefits Coordinator/Patient Registrar located in the Quileute Health Center Medical Department, phone number (360) 374-4398.
      2. If the Tribal Member does not qualify for Medicaid, Medicare, or Private Insurance, they must apply for a Qualified Health Plan. This is an Insurance Sponsor Program offered to Quileute PRC eligible Native Americans that is provided by the Quileute Tribe.