Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Prevention

Quileute Human Services provides substance abuse prevention and supportive services for those in recovery. Services are coordinated by Prevention Specialist Ann Penn-Charles.

The Prevention Specialist works with the Quileute Head Start, Quileute Tribal School, and partners with the Quillayute Valley School District to provide evidence based curriculum and best practices for substance education and prevention to students from Head Start to 12th grade.

In addition to substance prevention, the Prevention Specialist also works with youth and families to provide evidence based curriculum for building healthy relationships among families and peer groups including: Safe Dates; Strengthening Families; Guiding Good Choices; Incredible Years Parenting Programs.

The Prevention Specialist also partners with the Forks Community Coalition to bring awareness of substance use and prevention education and activities to the community and supporting the Coalition in its annual Prevention Summit for local youth.

Helps coordinate and implement the marketing campaign for local businesses to have posted information regarding tobacco and alcohol use, legal age limits, and reporting of attempts to purchase alcohol and tobacco by and/or for minors.

Coordinates the Quileute Canoe Journeys participation as a cultural prevention method to abstain from drug and alcohol use. As the Canoe Journeys coordinator the prevention specialist assists with setting up water safety courses, practice times for canoeing, and overseeing urine test analysis prior to Journeys to support individuals in their journey to a clean and free lifestyle and healing of the mind, body, and spirit through cultural practice.

Through Department of Justice funding, the Prevention Specialist also serves and an Adviser for the Quileute Tribe Wellness Healing Court providing cultural best practices for abstaining from drugs and alcohol to clear your mind, body, and soul.

Ann Penn-Charles

Prevention Specialist

(360) 374-2228