The Youth and Family Intervention Program is available to help youth and families address issues such as teen pregnancy and to assist with planning for the future in an effort to break the cycles of generational poverty, dependence on TANF and involvement with ICW. The main components of YFI include Native Group and youth support, Family Fun Packs, and Parent Involvement activities.

Native Group

YFI partners with the Quileute Tribal School and the Quillayute Valley School District (Forks Intermediate School, Forks Jr. High School, and Forks High School) to provide Native youth between 6th-12th grades with opportunities to receive prevention education.

YFI advocates meet with youth from each school approximately twice a month for Group. Topics covered include: self-esteem; mental health; drugs, alcohol, & tobacco prevention; hygiene and puberty; sex education, including STI and teen pregnancy prevention; academic success and future planning; healthy relationships; dating; and sexual assault awareness.

As part of Native Group, students who participate are eligible to attend scheduled trips including college tours and career exploration activities. Trips are designed to inspire youth to plan for the future and set and achieve their goals.

YFI Advocates are also available to provide academic support and connect students to resources.

Family Fun Packs

Research shows that families who eat dinner and spend time together thrive. In an effort to promote more time spent together at home, since October 2016, YFI has been offering Family Fun Packs encouraging family bonding with activities, ideas, and supplies to take and do together at home as a family.

Please note: Family Fun Packs are meant to be starter kits. While some supplies are included, others may need to be purchased at personal expense. However, many of the activities and ideas proposed in the Family Fun Packs are low-cost and/or no-cost.

Family Fun Packs are offered every two months. Before a new Family Fun Pack becomes available, notices are posted in the Talking Raven as well as on the Youth and Family Intervention Facebook page. Once notices are posted interested families can call the Human Services front desk (374-4306) to sign up for a Family Fun Pack. The first 20 families that sign up will receive a Family Fun Pack.

Tara Huggins

Youth and Family Advocate

(360) 374-2049


Youth and Family Advocate

(360) 374-2049

Group STATS 2017-2018

Total Groups: 6

Total Sessions Held: 37

Total Lessons Covered: 10-12

Total Youth Reached: 59 different youth attended at least one group session

Family Fun Packs (Since October 2016)

Total Different Families Served: 69

Total FFPs Distributed: 254