Human Services Director

Nicole Earls

(360) 374-3353

The Human Services Director oversees services in our building, as well as Seniors, Head Start and Commodities. She is very busy, but always happy to help!

Quileute TANF

Kala Jackson

(360) 374-0336

Selina Foster

TANF Case Manager
(360) 374-4278

Barbara Manuel

TANF Intake Special Program Assistant
(360) 374-5185

Heather Brux

Eligibility Specialist/Relative Caseworker
(360) 374-4271

Michele Pullen

TANF Employment and Training Life Skills Specialist

Israel Cano

Community Garden Project


TANF stands for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. Applicants must be a family unit, meet income requirements and at least one member of the family must be enrolled in a Tribe. They are also happy to make referrals and help you find other services if you do not qualify for TANF.

Alcohol, Drug, Tobacco Prevention

Ann Penn-Charles

(360) 374-2228



Food Program

Bonnie Jackson

Program Manager
(360) 374-2147

Teen Center

Leah Harris

Youth Coordinator Assistant
(360) 374-2049


Stephanie Calderon

(360) 374-4306

Our receptionist is always ready to greet you with a smile and help you find the person or service you need.

Indian Child Welfare

Charlene Meneely

Program Manager
(360) 374-4349

Rebecca Ellis
Case Manager
(360) 374-4340

Darlene Wagner
Case Manager 


ICW is a program dedicated to protecting children from abuse and neglect. The ultimate goal of ICW is to keep families together.

Youth and Family Intervention

Tara Huggins

(360) 374-3138

Annie Crippen

(360) 374-5419

The Youth and Family Intervention Program is available to help youth and families address issues such as teen pregnancy and planning
for the future in an effort to break the cycles of generational poverty, dependence on TANF and involvement with ICW.

Head Start

Angel Williams

Head Start Director
(360) 374-2103


Child Care

Natalie Jackson

Child Care Supervisor
(360) 374-5633


Senior Services

Lisa Hohman

Program Manager
(360) 374-0756

Dawn Ward, Kinship Navigator