The Quileute Head Start Program is a comprehensive program for low income children and families. The program offers early childhood classes four days a week for three to five year old children, nutrition services, family support services, transportation, health services, mental health services, and disabilities services. Native children may enter the program as they turn three throughout the school year.

One of the ways that Head Start is able to offer these services is through partnerships within the community. The Quileute Health Clinic completes our vision and hearing screening, the Dental Clinic screens all our children and provides sealants, and the Tribal School assists with our maintenance and facility needs. We work closely with the Tribal School Early Childhood Education Programs to ensure we have a coordinated system of screenings, evaluations, and parent training. Other partnerships include the Quillayute Valley School District which provides disabilities services to eligible students and the Tribal TANF and ICW Programs.

The Head Start Program is governed by the Tribal Council, Policy Council, Head Start Director and is under the Department of Human Services. These bodies work together to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. They meet regularly to approve of all policies, procedures, hiring, and curriculum.

Head Start Staff

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(360) 374-2631

Angel Williams

Head Start Director

Rebecca Schwartz

Health and Family Services Manager

Jan Price

Bus Driver

Lisa Ness

Bus Monitor

Penny Reaume

Education Manager/Lead Teacher

Carlos Soto

Teacher Assistant

Shibahon Rondeau

Lead Teacher


Teacher Assistant

See Quileute Job Openings for more info or contact Quileute Personnel Department at (360) 374-4366.



See Quileute Job Openings for more info or contact Quileute Personnel Department at (360) 374-4366.