Election Ordinance June 17 2021

Quileute Law and Order Family Code

Constitution and By-Laws of the Quileute Tribe of the Quileute Reservation

Quileute Court Rules:

Quileute Tribal Court Rules–Approved 8-31-18

Quileute Law and Order Code:

QLOC Article I: Judicial Power

QLOC Article II: Judges

QLOC Article III: The Court of Appeals

QLOC Article IV: The Trial Court

QLOC Article V: Juries

QLOC Article VI: Witnesses

QLOC Article VII: Spokesmen

QLOC Article VIII: General Rules of Court

QLOC Article IX: Clerk and Records

QLOC Article X: Rules of Criminal Procedure – Pretrial Procedure

QLOC Article XI: Rules of Criminal Procedure – Trial Procedure

QLOC Article XII: Rules of Criminal Procedure – Post-trial Procedure

Quileute Law and Order Code Article XIII: Criminal Offenses

QLOC Article XIV: Domestic Violence Prevention

QLOC Article XV: Expulsion and Exclusion of Non-Members from the Quileute Indian Reservation

QLOC Article XVI: Law Enforcement Officers

QLOC Article XVII: Habeas Corpus

QLOC Article XVIII: Civil Actions

The Quileute Law and Order Code will soon be available here in its entirety. To request a copy of the Code please contact the Court Clerk at the Quileute Tribal Court.


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