Tribal Court | Court Calendar

The Court has a new number!!!

(360) 640-8114


All defendants are required to be here in person!  Only prior approval from the Judge can excuse a defendant.

MARCH 28, 2023, at 11:00 A.M.

Chief Judge: Anita Neal
Prosecutor: Chelsea Sayles
Public Defender:
Acting Probation Officer/Bailiff: Izaak Manuel
Court Clerk: Jackie Barajas

11:00 a.m. – Criminal Docket

Donald Black-Penn Jr. (In-Custody)    22-C-0041                   Pre-Trial                      Allen Black

Donald Black-Penn Jr.                         22-C-0050                   Pre-Trial                      Allen Black

Shadow Rosander                               23-C-0007                   Pre-Trial                      Pro Se

James King Sr.(TX)                            23-C-0012                   Arraignment                Pro Se

22-C-0012                   Probation Violation

22-C-0010                   Probation Violation

Lance Obi                                           22-C-0032                   Arraignment

Stipulated Fact-Finding Hearing

Sarah Burnside                                   22-C-0036                   Stipulated Facts Hearing

22-C-0022                   Stipulated Facts Hearing

22-C-0016                   Stipulated Facts Hearing

22-C-0005                   Probation Violation

20-C-0011                   Probation Violation

19-C-0001                   Probation Violation

Stephanie Bender                                23-C-0004                   Pre-Trial                      Pro Se

Priscilla Ross                                      22-C-0049                   Cont. Arraignment      Pro Se

Charles Penn (TX)                              22-C-0030                   Cont. Arraignment      Pro Se

22-C-0048                   Cont. Arraignment      Pro Se

Priscilla Scarborough (TX)                 22-C-0001                   Probation Violation    Pro Se

22-C-0046                   Cont. Arraignment      Pro Se

22-C-0047                   Cont. Arraignment      Pro Se

Rodney Hatch                                     22-C-0002                   Probation Violation     Pro Se

20-C-0003                   Probation Violation     Pro Se

19-C-0019                   Probation Violation     Pro Se

Stacy Harrison                                    21-C-0032                   Review Hearing          Pro Se

21-C-0035                   Review Hearing          Pro Se

22-C-0006                   Review Hearing          Pro se