November 8, 2022

9:45 a.m. Quileute Tribal Court Bar Swearing In

Brittney A. Stephens

10:00 a.m. – Wellness Court Staffing

S.H.                                                     22-WC-002                

S.B.                                                     22-WC-003

C.P.                                                     22-WC-001                     

10:30 a.m. – Wellness Court

S.H.                                                     22-WC-002                 Review Phase II Hearing

S.B.                                                     22-WC-003                 Review Phase 1 Hearing

C.P.                                                     22-WC-001                 Review Phase II Hearing

11:00 a.m. – Criminal Docket

NAME                                                CASE #                      HEARING TYPE                 ATTORNEY

Dennis Bender Jr.                               22-C-0043                   Arraignment                            Pro Se

Ronald McNutt                                    22-C-0040                   Arraignment                            Pro Se

Eugene Jackson Sr.                             22-C-0045                   Arraignment                            Pro Se

                                                            22-C-0033                   Cont. Arraignment                  Pro Se

F J-M                                                  22-C-0044                   Arraignment                            Pro Se

Priscilla Scarborough                          22-C-0001                   Arraignment                            Pro Se

                                                            22-C-0046                   Arraignment                            Pro Se

                                                            22-C-0047                   Arraignment                            Pro Se 

Charles Penn                                       22-C-0030                   Arraignment                            Pro Se

                                                            22-C-0048                   Arraignment                            Pro Se

Sable Jackson-Cheer                           22-C-0034                   Cont. Arraignment                  Nancy Rohde

Joshua Hoskins                                   22-C-0035                   Cont. Arraignment                  Nancy Rohde

Donald Black-Penn Jr.                        22-C-0041                   Cont. Arraignment                  Allen Black


  • If you have a scheduled court hearing, please follow the steps below for the Quileute Tribal Court’s virtual and/or telephone court. The Court’s Zoom account will host all judicial hearings and all parties will be allowed to be heard by a Quileute Tribal Court Judge. The join-in steps are as follows:
  1. Download Zoom on your mobile device or go to https://zoom.us/join to join on a web browser
  2. Enter Meeting ID 489 045 0105
  3. Enter Passcode ciTn5M

If you do not have a smartphone, access to a web browser, or are having issues with the Zoom platform, there is also the option to dial in from any phone. Please join in using the following steps:

  1. Dial 1-253-215-8782
  2. When prompted, enter the Meeting ID: 489 045 0105
  3. When prompted, enter the passcode: ciTn5M