Dr. Canale with patient

(360) 374-6984

  • Monday through Friday
    8:00am – 4:00pm

Emergency Walk-In available at the top of every hour.

The Quileute Dental Clinic is staffed by:

  • Full-time dentist, Stephen Canale, DMD
  • Part-time dentist, Wendy Walsh
  • Full-time dental hygienist, Nicole Heckenlaible, RDH
  • Part-time dental hygienist, Paige Pearson
  • Two dental assistants

Dental is open to all members of a Federally Recognized Tribe, their decedents; and persons with Washington Medicaid as their primary insurance.

Orthodontic program is open to all Quileute Tribal members who work directly with the dental staff for their treatment plans.

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For information regarding the Quileute Nation and/or Twilight event bookings & Inquiries, please contact:

Jackie Jacobs

(206) 388-9200